We Britons come from a diverse array of cultural  backgrounds yet most of us share a love for our country & understand its future prosperity & stability, now at risk, depends on us all working together & taking direct action.


Today we are witnessing, with great concern, a growing & sustained attack on our nations very foundations by undocumented economic migrants being foisted on local communities across Britain, statues being torn down, censorship imposed & history wiped out. MSM & Liberal ideologists, by supporting this, are attempting to inflict their political ideals on the rest of us yet most do not live with the consequences.


The law abiding "Silent Majority" are being demonised & labelled as far right if they dare to speak out & fight back. Our voices will be silenced for good if we do not robustly resist this leftist onslaught. 


LittleBoats is a growing human flotilla of hope formed to fight back, using various uncompromising means, against uncontrolled migration, anti British MSM & Liberal elites. We are law abiding, support our police & forces but despair at the governments inaction & lack of will to let them do their jobs effectively. We are thinking outside the box & will hit back hard.

We have sent two targeted night patrols out into the Channel & though we did not stop the boats, as we would never endanger people vulnerable at sea, we did draw along side one & witnessed a hatchet like weapon being thrown overboard, a trafficker perhaps? who knows, but not all are good Samaritans arriving on our shores. This is pure economic opportunism in most cases & ruthless greed by traffickers who exploit many of them. We have been actively seeking out traffickers on our side of the Channel & are speaking to the victims of it, however we cannot hide the truth that most crossing the sea are young men with no understanding of our culture & people. A powder keg is being primed that if unchecked will turn our nation into a mirror image of the nations these migrants have abandoned.

We are now taking direct & targeted actions across the country designed to undermine & expose those who are enabling, profiteering from & supporting this national insanity. We are not mass demonstrating, rather we are confronting elites in their heartlands to show them we are here, watching them & not going to accept the disaster unfolding under their watch. This divisive minority liberal rule we now have to endure is going to destroy Britain if we continue to fear it.


LittleBoats is striving to mobilise the Silent Majority & make life as uncomfortable as possible for politicians & bring sanity & stability back to our country. We do not hate nor will target personally those who take advantage of our ridiculous system that  gives them incentives to come here but they have no right to circumvent our immigration laws. 

We demand undocumented migrants landing in Britain should be arrested, interned & then deported with few exceptions. No hotels & long drawn out appeals should be allowed. Lawyers are lining their pockets & the government are just not listening to the majority. This can never be right as our own people suffer privation & homelessness.


We are now undertaking actions, primarily on land, that are designed to hit hard at those sitting back in comfortable ignorance as Britain falls apart. We will go back to sea, when weather, finances & the ability to procure craft is again possible. We have found draconian pressure is being put on those who would like to allow us the use of their boats but we can also sail just as well on land.

We do need support if we are to step up a gear so please donate if you can, follow us on Twitter & above all use your keyboards to bring our's & your case, concerns & frustrations to politicians & the public.

Our country will pay a heavy price if we do nothing.... The clock is ticking...

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