After a third crowd funding site returned donations to our supporters & shut our fund raiser down LittleBoats now knows we are rattling some big cages & we will not be bullied into silence. We will step up our efforts to push a paralysed government to end the insanity of illegal migration. To do this effectively we will need to raise some funds, PayPal is the only safe way to do it in our case. Our actions are planned outside the box & targeted at those elites fueling our national demise.

LittleBoats is a growing human flotilla of hope campaigning to end undocumented migration & people trafficking,. We are law abiding, support our police & military forces but despair at the governments inaction & lack of will to let them do their jobs of protecting our borders, people & those being exploited by traffickers effectively..


LittleBoats has no tolerance for racism & will not support nor condone any act of it in our name. We are very aware millions of our brothers & sisters from around the world have legally made our country their home, have brought much good to it, are part of it & love Britain every bit as much as those of us who were born here. We are not against immigration we are against it not being done in the correct manner. We also recognise undocumented migrants are people who just want a better life but they are not doing things in the right way which opens them up to exploitation & is unfair to all those who came here via the proper channels. We see long term damage for everyone if this crisis across the Channel is not addressed now..

We have been travelling the country gaining an understanding of the issues faced by local communities who have hotels & ex military bases in their areas now being used to house migrants.. We have seen the real concerns & fears felt by many who have no say in the matter. We are. also talking to those migrants who have been trafficked & abused as they are also victims. Our sole aim is to get our government to take action to stop this growing problem ..


The money we raise will be used for the logistics needed to continue our lawful & Covid complaint campaign to highlight this growing problem & pressure the government to finally act in the national interest.

We have used much of our own resources up & while we will keep campaigning we realise our mission does need financial support to continue in an effective way..

Thank You for your support


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