“LittleBoats has no tolerance for racism & will not support nor condone any act of  it in our name.”

We  are  very  aware  millions  of  our  brothers  &  sisters  from  around the world have made our country their home, have brought much good  to it, are part of it & love Britain every bit as much as those of us who were born  here. We also recognise illegal immigrants are people who just want a better life  but they are not doing things in the right way.

Our sole aim is to get our government to take action to stop  this growing problem

Our sole concern is to end the uncontrolled influx of people who arrive here in  boats, planes or lorries who’s very first act is to break our immigration laws. We  then  have  to  endure  our  government  ignoring  our  own  needy  by  spending  billions  on  this  self  induced  madness.  We  bare  no  personal  hatred  towards  them & sympathise for those who are victims of traffickers We also understand  why they come here as the benefits of doing so are obvious. However they are  not  refugees  &  many  are  young  fit men  with  no  loyalty  to  this  country  &  it  seems they  have  little for  the  families  they  leave  behind  nor their  mother  countries.  Some  of  these  migrants  inevitably will  turn  out  to  be  radicalised  terrorists who will one day bring death to our towns & cities. Who’s door do we  knock on when our loved ones are murdered?

For  the  preservation  of  our  economy,  way  of  life  &  country it  must  be  time  for  the  government  to  make  sure  the  incentives  to  come  here  are  removed  &  all  undocumented  migrants  are  deported  otherwise  we  will  see  thousands  of  displaced & angry young men on our streets. Britain is not a racist country nor  is it unkind but this is a time when every legitimate Briton must be put first & we  preserve what we have or everybody will suffer.

It is not racist to highlight this problem, it is madness to ignore it …

“LittleBoats has no tolerance for racism & will not support nor condone any  act of it in our name. We are very aware millions of our brothers & sisters  from around the world have legally made our country their home, have  brought much good to it, are part of it & love Britain every bit as much as  those of us who were born here.