There are many issues related to undocumented migration in Britain and we are aware those who work in this field are bound by conventions and restrictions that mostly preclude them from speaking out. We also know across this country migrants who have no understanding of our way of life are in many cases negatively impacting communities that they are being forced on The British public need to fully understand what is going on so it is vital your voices, experiences and opinions are heard. Over the last two months we have been talking to people who have shared their concerns with us. It now seems right to  further explore this avenue. We will present all our findings at a future date in public and to the government.


We are appealing to anyone affected by undocumented migration in their towns & cities or those working in a hotel, reception center or serving & former military, police & border force personnel etc. along with those involved in any field of immigration to contact us in the strictest of confidence. The knowledge you can share will be vital to lift the veil on the daily realities you face.   

In addition to this we feel it is important to get the input from undocumented migrants themselves as their stories are vital to increase our understanding of the issues they face and the motivations that brought them here. They are fellow human beings and our motives are not designed to malign them nor do we feel any malice towards them as it is our government we have issues with We would never divulge any of their personal details and will treat them with the utmost respect.


Anonymity will always be guaranteed. Please use our contact page to come forward 

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