Tell Them LittleBoats Sent You

#TellThemLittleBoatsSentYou this week is confronting those who are peddling this divisive propaganda “A PARENT’S GUIDE to BLM” We’re sorry but schools are no exception

  • Grafton Primary Dagenham
  • Selsdon Primary Croydon
  • Chilton Primary Ramsgate
  • Hallam Primary School Sheffield
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Brunswick Park Primary School in Camberwell like hundreds around the country are allowing their staff’s political leanings to push a blatantly divisive & passively racist guide that it is loaded with anti white innuendo

Ensure yours are not peddling this & quote them the law

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“Tell Them LittleBoats Sent You”
This week’s stars in “our” eyes Are the creators & disseminators of?


This is a nasty tale of moral criminality liberal radicalism & BLM opportunism. Throw in a Frenchman, an MP’s assistant & a couple of fanatical young left wing writers & here we have our first targets to whom you can honestly say when asked who you are “LittleBoats Sent me” & when they enquire who is littleBoats you’ll simply reply “I am & I want answers”

When you read this children’s manual on how to hate in the link you’ll see it’s cynically designed to indoctrinate primary school children & demean them,This festival of victimhood is nothing more than a calculated attempt to instil in our children a loathing of Britain, its history, culture & the vast majority of its people. It says nothing positive about Britain; rather it actually demonises their ancestors It makes no mention of Africa’s own bloody history of tribalism, racism, genocide & yes! slavery that dates back thousands of years & no word on the 9 million Africans enslaved by fellow Africans today.

It’s blatantly racist towards people who happen not to be black, ignores other minorities & has the perverse irony of instilling feelings of guilt in children because of their race!It’s pure Marxism & most galling is it’s being peddled to them & their parents by children’s agencies, the NSPCC, radical left wing teachers & countless schools around the country, as in the cases of Airy Hill School in Whitby & Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate who are all proudly flaunting their ultra-liberal credentials on their school websites all-the-while ignoring the long-term damage being done by the poison they have rammed down the throats of small children who by their very nature don’t see race the way these Comrades want them to

If people think this is the way to teach children tolerance, understanding & about race issues then they need to look closely at the subject matter they want parents to talk their children about.

This is just a few loaded questions they have dreamed up to force conversations that need only come up if a child actually is worried about them None of our kids ponder these questions in any depth but then again we allow them to be kids & they are an array of races….

These are so loaded it’s embarrassing as they are all designed to be lectures not discussions.

  • What is the Black Lives Matter Movement
  • How do I explain George Floyd to my children
  • How do I open a conversation with children on race and racism
  • How do I explain White PrivilegeYou can be sure there will be no mention of serfdom, indenture, cotton mills mines or Workhouses
  • The danger of saying “My child isn’t racist” This is the most vile of them all & amounts to branding children as racist.

So now we come to “where did this Maoist equivalent of Mein Kamf come from”? What educational body formulated it ? Oxford ? Cambridge? The department of education? or was it a respected authority in the field of psychology?

Of course! not…
It comes from smart left wingers, BLM marionettes & a shrewd French businessman out on a hunt for free kudos

This guide on how to be racist was published by Yoopies, a French owned internet platform that hooks up, mostly middle class lefties, with babysitters & cleaners Yoopies has absolutely no educational credentials yet schools are using this BLM guilt trip to beat up & indoctrinate even 5! year old’sYoopies has no business trying to dress this up as anything remotely akin to education or that it caters to the complexities of socio-political issues from a chill’s point of view.

And who are the creative team that put this together? Well, among the graduates of Joseph Goebbels school of spin is Benjamin Suchar, the French CEO of Yoopies & a smooth internet platforms guru who started small in 2011 then picked up a 4 million investment in 2017, so he can now wear expensive shirts Then you have the writers Lily Pryer the Press Relations Manager of Yoopies & Francesca Chong Manager of Yoopies! & let’s not forget the special contributors Saffia Anderson a Constituency Caseworker for an MP , Mischa Macaskill & Idris Mhiri.

We ourselves abhor racism of any kind but aren’t afraid to call out hard truths when real damage such as this is being done.

We all know BLM are ultra Marxists, want prisons & the police abolished & the nuclear family dismantled & that’s their own words, so this psychological warfare they are carrying out on our young children is all the more sickening.It’s amazing how all these supposed educators, social workers & academics have uncritically swallowed every word of this blatantly hostile & passively racist guide Along with Journalists they’re now just part of the liberal elite who now run this country that allows thousands of illegal’s to just waltz in

We have a real problem being stored up for the future if our children are not protected from this malicious indoctrination

We all need to swing into action, fire up your devices, get your khaki mouse mats out, punch your phone buttons & even go all the way & lick those stamps.
Use any means, apps or SM you have & contact the miscreants & their staff who we have identified & whose details are in our tweet & YouTube description We need to know why they are allowing this propaganda into our schools & institutions Who else is involved & can we flush them out& what are the real motives of Yoopies CEO

We must also make it clear to the education secretary this BLM Marxist litany of
hatred isn’t designed for education it’s designed to capture our children’s minds & individuality so he must put a stop to it.
Above all we must challenge any of our local schools who are peddling this cultural suicide note & force them to stop doing it & of course ensure they are not poisoning our own children with it. If we allow this to continue when they grow up our children will be taking boats over to Calais to bring migrants in & then throwing their own parent on the

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